All in all every person sometimes want to become a crook and a wish to create some dangerous intrigue also takes place. And if we talk about marriage crooks – these people just don’t have any shame to do it. They treat their activity as a job. 

Speaking about marriage crooks is it always about marriage at all? There is no special statistics about this job. Still their actions can be classified as different crimes like theft, fraud and etc. The way they do it is always the same – starting relations with a woman and using her trust for taking her money. It’s not a usual crime that can be punished by law because in all cases a woman blinded by love gives all her savings and property to a man by herself. That’s why it’s quite hard to help her because she does it voluntarily. 

Let’s try to understand who can become a potential victim of such fraud. Women who become victims always have some common features: they are infantile a little bit, dreamy and have too many fantasies. Every woman believes in miracles and we know that living without trust is not easy. 

So dreams about a good man coincide with the behaviour of a man who just want to use a woman. And she falls in love and make many stupid things. As a rule women who become victims of these cheaters are kind and trustful. And as crooks have knowledge in psychologies and artistry, they use these good features. 

Can this kind of fraud be punished by law? Yes, it can. And there are many cases when people who practice this “business” were punished. But this crime it is easier to prevent this crime by explaining to potential victims what can happen. Meeting people in real life is less popular today and meeting them in Internet becomes more and more popular everyday. 

Women try to solve their men “financial problems” because they want to take part in their lives so they could get married later. But some time later these men just disappear. It’s a classical scheme. And it’s quite easy to prove his guilt but first you should find him and it’s really difficult. All in all it’s better to know what expects you than being caught in a web of a crook. At first stages of meeting woman gets really many nice emotions and hear so many pleasant words. The cheater becomes her ideal admirer. She has an illusion that she met the greatest man and she will be happy with him. Blinded by this illusion she is ready to do everything. 

And besides when police finds this man she can feel sorry for him and refuse her claims. Because her illusions are still strong! Also we must say that not every man can become such a crook. 

For this one must have artistry, flexibility, ability to adapt to a person and many other abilities. Men can say that women became lazy and the same can be said by women about men. Unfortunately nowadays we don’t a possibility to meet people in normal conditions, when you can meet a person, look at him and decide if you need him/her or not. Women want create a family and have children but if it doesn’t happen for long time, despair enters their lives. And this is the main reason of all problems. 

In the end we would like to say, that you need to trust people but be careful and keep in mind that people are not perfect. Try to listen to your logic and be attentive, especially if everything happens too fast and vividly with much passion and love from the other side. Still don’t become cold and nervous, just remember that there are people who really don’t care about women, they just play games with you to get all your money and etc. So be attentive and don’t lose your decency and charm.