29, Landrover technician/quality control

Mild to moderate hearing loss which started to deteriorate in his 20s. Fitted with hearings aids at 26

"Looking into the unknown I was pretty scared. The thought of not being able to connect with people was my biggest fear."


I have a mild to moderate hearing loss. My first visit to a hearing specialist after years of denial was when I was 25. I was in my early 20’s when I first came to the realisation of my hearing loss.

I wear hearing aids by Unitron maxi kiss pro which I was fitted with in March 2014. I accepted it in a way, but was in denial for some years and put off seeking treatment for some time. I first came aware with the tinnitus and then the struggles with conversation started. Conversations had been getting harder and harder and then the intervention with close family and friends helped me to accept it. I'm truly grateful for the help and support that I've received from family and friends. 

Social environments can be difficult. sometimes the simplest conversations can be the hardest. Seeing friends getting frustrated when conversation lacks is especially hard. The best way to deal with it I have found is to relax and let the other party know of my hearing impairment and not to be ashamed of it.